Suggested Retail Prices

Prices are subject to change.

MX/BMX Jersey
Adult  (Sizes XS - 5XL)
Kids (Sizes 104 - 170)
Baby (Sizes 74 - 98)

€ 44,95
€ 39,95
€ 29,95

Rain Jersey
Adult (Sizes XS - 5XL)
Kids (Sizes 104 - 170)

€ 79,95
€ 69,95

Additional Jersey Options (add to price)
Leat Brace Collar 
Name and Number 
Name only 
Number only 

€ 4,95
€ 12,50
€ 8,95
€ 8,95

MX Pants
Adult  (Sizes 28 - 42)
Kids  (Sizes 18 - 27)
Baby  (Sizes 1 - 2)

€ 149,95
€ 129,95
€ 79,95

BMX Pants
Adult  (Sizes 28 - 42)
Kids  (Sizes 18 - 27)

€ 119,95
€ 99,95

Locust MX-Helmet

€ 99,95

Venom II Goggle Color
Venom II Goggle Graphic

€ 19,95
€ 29,95

MX-2 Gloves Adult
MX-2 Gloves Kids

€ 39,95
€ 29,95

MX-3 Gloves Adult
MX-3 Gloves Kids

€ 34,95
€ 24,95

MX-4 Gloves Adult
MX-4 Gloves Kids

€ 29,95
€ 24,95

Legend Gloves Adult
Legend Gloves Kids

€ 29,95
€ 22,50


Is it possible to buy directly at JopaMX?
This is not possible, it is only possible to order our products through one of our dealers. All our dealers can order the product directly for you, and, if on stock, we will deliver your product at the dealer the next day. Please be aware that many of our products are custom-made and it can take between 2 up to 8 weeks to deliver your order.

I have complains about a product or the brand JopaMX
When a product doesn't meet your expectations, we request you to contact your dealer. In most situations the dealer can offer a direct solution for your problem. If you have a complain about Jopa, please send us an email at or call uss at 0031 (0)547 382717.

My product has defects/ is broken
Please return the product to your dealer, they will evaluate the product and can decide if the product needs to be returned to us, or can be repaired locally. It's not possible to contact us directly in these cases, due we do not know about possible agreements between you and the dealer.

Unfortunately we cannot give any guidelines about possible guarantees. Jopa gives no regular guarantee with our products. Any guarantee given by dealers is not our responsibility. This does not mean we don't replace and repair products: We evaluate each case individually and repair or replace the product when reasonable, but only do this through our dealers. We try to handle all cases as quick as possible.

I would like to have stickers for my motorcycle
We are happy to send you some stickers! We only ask you to send us a franked and addressed envelope, so we can fill the envelop and return it directly.

Please send this franked and addressed envelope to:
Jopa Racing Products
TAV Stickers
Veldegge 8
7468 DJ Enter

I would like to be sponsored by JopaMX
We like to receive your request! Maybe we have some interest in you. Please send us a motivation letter including your portfolio and/or website to 

I would like to order teamwear, how does that work?
Ordering teamwear is an easy process. Most of the time, you only need to send your logo and your wishes. We will create a design according to those requirements, and will add a quotation. Due each request and product is different, we would like to request you to contact Ryan through or call 0547 - 382717.

What are the delivery times for teamwear?
We are not able to give you a good estimation of the delivery time of your order, due the differences in quantity of the order, the design and season. We produce all our clothing on order, and have a limited stock. Therefore, delivery times can vary between 2 weeks and 3 months. Please ask the expected delivery time when ordering your team wear to avoid any disappointments.

What is a vector logo/file?
Vector files are files/pictures that remain their quality regardless of the size. When enlarging a normal picture (JPG) you can see the quality becoming less. A vector file keeps the quality. Self renamed or scanned files do not meet this requirement. See Wikipedia.

Vector files are often available through your advertising agency or printing office. The file formats we accept are .CDR (Coreldraw), .EPS or .AI (Adobe Illustrator). When you are unable to receive the vector files, we can digitalize the logos for you. We charge € 25,- a logo for this service.

Where can I get a vector file?
Vector files are often available through your advertising agency or printing office. The file formats we accept are .CDR (Coreldraw), .EPS or .AI (Adobe Illustrator). 
When you are unable to receive the vector files, we can digitalize the logos for you. We charge € 25,- a logo for this service.

I am searching for a dealer
Please use our Dealer Locator to find a dealer close by. If you are unable to find a dealer that has your desired product or brand, please contact us through or call us at 0031 (0)547 382717. 

I would like to become a dealer of JopaMX
Please send us an email including all company details, VAT and Chamber of Commerce details, with the request to become a dealer to After checking your details, we will send you the details of your account for our webshop. We also would like to make an appointment for you with one of our representatives.