Craftmanship: In-House production ensuring high-quality products

Welcome at the Official JopaMX website, home of a small Dutch Motocross and BMX clothing brand. We produce all MX and BMX Gear in our own studio in Enter, the Netherlands. Each day our team commits itself to test, develop and create the most durable clothing on the market. We can only maintain this high quality by keeping the production in-house, which is an unique fact in this low-cost production era. The efficiency and expertise of our team allow us to create the most durable clothing while keeping it affordable.

Lets take you trough the different stages of making a product...

Product Development 



 Product Development    Fabrics

All our patterns and products are created
in-house giving us the possibility to adjust
and improve products continuously.


We have a large stock of different fabrics and
colors for all kind of products.





 Cutting    Printing

The fabric is cutted in-house with precision
to maintain our gears’ fit.


All graphics are printed in actual size and by order,
giving us many possibilities for teamwear. We can
put your name and number directly on your jersey
if needed.




Non-Sublimated Parts

 Sublimating    Non-Sublimated Parts

The print and fabric are joined together at
our heat-press.We press the print (color)
directly into the fabric, creating bright and
durable colors.


All zippers, elastics and kevlar pieces are
collected to prepare the product for the
final stage.


Ready for Sewing



 Ready for Sewing    Sewing

A product is complete and ready to be sewn.


Each and every sew and stitch is put by our 
commited team.


Finalized Product

 Finalized Product    

The final product can be found on the
MX or BMX track, we have a few
testriders that test our new products
before we take them in production.